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Voltaponic Garden

The Voltaponic Garden is a plug-and-play, indoor herb and vegetable grow tower.

  • Ideal for installation in apartments, home kitchens, balconies, restaurants, schools, offices, and commercial greenhouses

  • Patent-pending grow tower design with the highest density of plant sites (up to 60 plants per square feet!)

  • Electrostatic filter system that cleans air to keep plants free from airborne bacteria, viruses, molds, and VOCs.

  • A central grow column that rotates to efficiently expose all plants to nutrients, water, and light


The Voltaponic Garden is the most affordable, exquisitely decorative, indoor grow system that produces a variety of nutritious veggies and herbs -- in your balcony, home kitchen, or commercial greenhouse -- year-round.

A features list unlike that of any other indoor growing system on the planet:

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