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VoltaGrow Tower

We are developing highly efficient hydroponic grow tower systems that provide hydroponic growers with the opportunity to utilize every cubic feet of growing area to the maximum and obtain highest crop productivity.

VoltaGrow Helix

Hydroponic grow towers with a unique helix geometry that provides commercial growers with the highest density of plant sites (up to 84 plants per square feet!)


VoltaGrow Sol

A solar-powered hydroponic grow tower for greenhouses, with a a central helical column to expose all plants evenly to sunlight to achieve highest crop productivity with lowest energy footprint. The solar panel + battery -powered grow towers are ideal for commercial greenhouses in off-the-grid, remote areas. Each Sol grow tower system has its own solar panel (and rechargeable battery) making it the only stand-alone, solar-powered grow tower in the market.

VoltaGrow Cube

Stackable, climate controlled, grow cube system with an enclosed central grow column to maximize crop productivity and minimize energy use in small indoor farms.

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