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Become an indoor farm owner

Indoor Farming as a Service

We co-design, build, install, and maintain tech-enabled, ultra-productive indoor vertical hydroponic greenhouse farms that grow high value crops, fruits, and spices all year-round and maximize profit.

  • High Yield

We help growers increase yield by a minimum of 10x (compared to a conventional monolayer greenhouse) in the hydroponic greenhouse by vertically  stacking crops in shelves and towers designed by us.

  • Low Upfront Cost: 

Our expertise in selecting appropriate, location based farming technologies reduces high upfront costs and expedites return on investment.

  • Low Operating Cost:

Our innovative technological solutions reduce operating costs while at the same time increase crop yield per unit area of the farm.

  • Low Energy Use:

We maximize the use of sunlight and customized LEDs to reduce energy costs. Additionally, we use several evaporative and thermo-electric cooling/heating techniques to lower energy and operating costs

  • Low Maintenance:

We use automated fertigation systems to provide precise nutrients to plants and reduce constant monitoring and labor.

We help farmers through all stages of installing, growing, harvesting, and selling crops grown on their vertical hydroponic greenhouse farms. In return for this service, and the 10x increased production achieved by farms, we charge a small fixed rate per pound of saleable produce.

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