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Commitment to R&D

We are committed to expanding our line of products and services, which will assist indoor growers in maximizing farm productivity through ongoing research and development at our prototype indoor farm.


  • We are developing an innovative, portable, nano-desalination system that uses a low-energy, solar-powered, vacuum-evaporative method to generate up to 150 liters of fresh water per day from seawater, saline groundwater, recycled irrigation water, or urban wastewater.

  • We are developing a brine de-aggregator system. Our nano-desalination system (when configured to use seawater, saline groundwater, recycled irrigation water, or urban wastewater) processes the brine generated during desalination to mine key plant nutrients (fertilizer) such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The processed brine is recovered as a concentrated liquid nutrient solution.

  • We are developing a sunlight harvesting system that uses an array of micro heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors) to maximize the area of sunlight capture for indoor farms and small greenhouses.

  • We are developing a low-cost, modular, solar-powered thermoelectric cooling and dehumidification system that intelligently controls temperature and humidity in urban indoor vertical farms, containerized farms, and hydroponic greenhouses, significantly reducing farm energy costs.

  • We are developing an innovative indoor plant health monitoring system that uses a handheld LiDAR scanner (e.g. iPad Pro with Lidar sensors), machine perception, and AI to monitor the health (and provide results in real time) of every single plant, leaf, and fruit. With this type of precision data-gathering, indoor growers will be able to measure features such as biomass and maturity to better predict the size and yield of their crop.

  • We have research plans to develop micro, modular photo-bioreactors to grow algae using seawater for use as biofuel, fertilizer, and nutraceuticals.

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